The essencia Flavour Range
The essencia range of flavours offer the home user a range of spirit and liqueur flavourings previously only available to commercial producers. More here

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essencia EziBase, Bourbon Chunks and Distilling Consumables
essencia EziBase is the quick and easy, no fuss way to make your favourite liqueurs, schnapps and cream liqueurs.
Bourbon Chunks, - a must for Bourbon lovers.
Consumable products used in the production, treatment and filtering of alcohol. More here

Distillation Parts/Spares
A range of parts and spares for the essencia Express Still and the essencia Carbon Filter.More here

Distilling Equipment
Top quality products for producing the best possible alcohol.
The essencia Express Still - the fastest still producing the highest quality.
The essencia Carbon Filter - the original, revolutionary bench top carbon treatment system.
The Distilling Starter Pack - a special kit for those wanting to start making their own top quality spirits and liqueurs.
More here