Glass Reflux Column - Registration

Product Registration

Your Ultra 1000 Glass Reflux Column is a quality product designed to give years of reliable service.

Please complete all fields in the panel on the right and you will receive a free 2 year warranty and qualify for the additional benefits available to registered owners.


To ensure you receive total satisfaction from your product we offer a free 2 year warranty to all registered owners of the Ultra 1000 who purchased their product from an authorised Ultra 1000 sales outlet.

The Warranty covers the Ultra 1000 Glass Reflux Column for any defects of manufacture, for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.


Additional Benefits of registration

Glass Column Replacement

The Ultra 1000 Reflux Column is made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass, which is far more robust than regular glass and is easily able to withstand the rigors of normal use.

We realise however that accidents can happen, and the glass column may break if it is mishandled. Naturally this is not covered under the warranty.

In the unlikely event that the glass column gets broken, we offer all registered owners a special low cost replacement plan.

Simply return the stainless steel collar from the base of the column (with the unique serial number on it) to any authorised Ultra 1000 sales outlet and you will be supplied a replacement glass tube with stainless steel collar at a highly discounted price.


Registered owners will also be kept up to date with special offers and information to help get the best results from their Ultra 1000 column.

If you wish to make a warranty claim or purchase a replacement glass column at the discounted price you should contact or visit any authorised Ultra 1000 sales outlet.




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